3 - Ivar Thorstensson

The strange black orb we found on the ship was one of strong necromantic power. We might be able to sell it of for a large sum of money if we cant find another use for it. I have a feeling that if we keep it in our possession it will only lead to trouble. However after some hassle where we were some guy tipped off the guard that we were smuggling contraband we were able to leave Westcliff and head south and make the delivery.

We were offered a job searching for a small chest that was being transported by a caravan. After a couple of days travel we found the caravan wagons with hoofprints leading to a nearby village. We looked around and found that the horses indeed was the property of Llwyd. We asked the village elder pretty hard and he took us to the box, after a scuffle that left a couple of villagers severly wounded or dead we were able to make off with the box. For the trouble we were given six gold pieces, the captain took a gold piece as his share.

We are currently planning to return to Grelig.

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