World Rules

The world
The world has two moons, named after the goddess of the earth and the goddess of the sky, Arianrhod and Ciel
The elements each corresponds to a certain celestial alignment of the moons.
Two full moons empower water based magic, while no moons empower fire based magic.
If only Arianrhod is full earth based magic is empowered and if only Ciel is full air based magic is empowered.
This also affects which affinity a person is born with.

All taverns have a brew that when a customer orders ale, they get. (Check individual taverns for which)

Imperial Spirits
Highmoon Imperial Spirits (86%)
Jamesson Spirits (81%)

Dwarven Spirits
Deephold Spirit (79%)

Elven Magitech Brew
Mechanics night (47%)

Dwarven Brew
Legwarmer Ale (34%)
Ironforge IPA (36%)
Northern Backbreaker Stout (28%)

Imperial Brew

Royceian Brew
McKnight’s Stout (19%)
Sanderholms Special (18%)

Transport between cities.
Between cities connected by water there is mainly aquatic transportation, on barges or smaller riverboats.
For certain things; the preferred method of transport is galleons. However, if the cargo is small or needs to get to its destination quickly it might be transported on a cutter.
If there isn’t a water connection, the cargo is transported by carriage of some description.
It is very strange if a carriage travels without a guard detail.

Steam Tech
Steam tech is devices using steam as a power source.
Steam tech is generally quite simple, but also effective.
The pioneers in the steam tech world are a few groups of gnomes.

World Rules

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