Magic is present everywhere in the world, however everyone does not have an affinity for magic.

* It is said that the ability to use magic comes from having dragon blood in your veins. If it is true is not known. The same have been said for sierafi, arvinar and fae blood.
* Weak magic spells can be used without much consequences; more powerful magic spells is however a different story.
* Magic drains one’s spirit, leaving the person weaker. If one pulls enough s/he might kill oneself. People without training have been known to kill themselves because of this fact. Most of the time this has happened in times of great stress.
* Not everyone has the ability to use magic truly, however anyone can tap in to mana or raw magic in the world. This means that anyone can use a magitech weapon with enough training.
* Mana has different flows though out the world, some places stronger making it easier to cast spells and some places dead where magic don’t work.
* Channeling mana has a negative effect on the mental stability of the person.
* Some say that mana is pure willpower made manifest, which would explain the damage it can do to the mind.
* Other says that it is the essence of the dead.
* Depending on which element the mage has an affinity for, s/he has an easier time doing certain things and a harder time doing other.
* However, due to the power gained by channeling mana, it is very addictive. Because of this many people don’t want to learn magic.

Ritual casting

  • Take time to prepare and cast
  • Almost unlimited in what they can do.
  • Can have permanent effects.

List of Ritual spells


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