• Once most elves lived in the forest, shunning technology. Now days most elves are more progressive, using more modern technology and as a result not living as much with nature, more of it.
  • There are still a few groups of elves who live in accordance with the old ways.
    They usually live in settlements deep in the forest and rarely communicate with the outside world.
  • In the old ways, a lot of time is dedicated to the study of magic. This has led to elves being those with the greatest knowledge. This is however being slowly lost with the adoption of new ways.


Creation rules

Attriute Modifiers:

  • ST -1 (-10)

    Secondary Characteristic Modifiers:

  • Basic Speed +0,5 (10)


  • Extended Lifespan 3 (6)
  • Magery 1 (15)


  • Magic Susceptibility 2 (-6)



Eraine Jolkman