Tag: Race


  • Humans


    Creation rules

    Attriute Modifiers:

    Secondary Characteristic Modifiers:


    * Channeling (10) * Magery 0 (5)



  • Elves

    * Once most elves lived in the forest, shunning technology. Now days most elves are more progressive, using more modern technology and as a result not living as much with nature, more of it. * There are still a few groups of elves who live in accordance …

  • Dwarfs

    Common Knowledge


    Creation rules

    Attriute Modifiers:

    * DX -1 (-20) * HT +1 (10)

    Secondary Characteristic Modifiers:

    * Will +1 (5) * SM -1(0)


  • Orks

    * The orcs have always been a nomadic race. This has led to their society being very brutal because if you can’t keep up with the rest of the group, you are not fit to be part of the clan. * The orcs don’t have nations, instead they have clans.

    < …

  • Gnomes

    * Gnomes have next to no affinity for magic. There are very few gnome mages. * This has led to the gnomes developing new technology to defend themselves for attack. * Their crowning achievement so far is the steam technology. * Using water vapor, they …

  • Otherworldly beings

    * There are three different kinds of otherworldly being known to the world. * The beings of chaos that call themselves arvinar and the beings of orderwho call themselves sierafi. * The arvinar just want to create chaos and destruction, not caring about …

  • Undead

    * 2 kinds of undead, the soulless and the ones with a soul. * Soulless obey the commands of its creator without question and will carry out its final command even it its creator dies. Ex [[Zombies]]. * The ones with a soul still have their …

  • Dragons

    * The greatest fears of many is that a dragon will come swooping over the hills to attack, and rightly so. * Dragons are one of the most powerful creatures in the lands, both in physical strength and in mental capacity. * It is said that is was a dragon …

  • Monsters

    Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. While some possess great intelligence, none of them form societies.

    [[List of Monsters]]